The Book That Most Changed My Way of Thinking

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When asked what book has influenced me most, what comes immediately to mind is Douglas Hofstadter’s book about the workings of the mind, Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal, Golden Braid. This, Hofstadter’s first book, written over 20 ago, won the Pulitzer Prize for a non-fiction book. It is a book to be read more than once and not in a hurry. It will forever change how you think about thinking. You can read other reviews and sample of its content by following this link. If you like it, you can
ordbuy it at Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid


2 comments on “The Book That Most Changed My Way of Thinking

  1. This is a book to be read many ways. I hadn’t read it, but found that reading it out loud to another person, trading off the reading, stopping to comment, reread, wonder and progress, opened my mind to it. Changing the “intake” made for a new way to experience this new knowledge. This is a major work. I already feel the rumblings of things as my mind shifts to a new paradigm. And I’ve just begun.

  2. Thank you, Kate, for your comments. Please post again, when you have read more of this book. I would be pleased to hear more about your observations on reading aloud vs reading silently.

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