Making Good Use of Audio Self-hypnosis for Personal Growth

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More and more people have been using self hypnosis to manage or treat their conditions, from depression to insomnia or migraines. Fortunately, plenty of tools or materials are available to make it achievable. These include using a hypnosis audio.

How Does It Work?

There are different types of hypnosis audio files you can use. Some contain sounds, beats, or instrumental music, which will calm the mind and make it easier for you to tap into your subconscious.

On the other hand, some hypnosis mp3 downloads contain subliminal messages. These are also referred to as affirmations. They work by feeding your mind with images or words. The more they get deeper into your subconscious mind, the more they form a new belief system. When you start to believe in them, they will influence your conscious mind, which is extremely serious about filtering information.

Since they are stored in the subconscious, you cannot remove the message, but they can be hidden, especially if you won’t allow the subconscious mind to work.

Here are some examples of subliminal messages:

I love myself.
Tomorrow is another day full of hope and love.
I am surrounded by family and friends who love me.
There’s a rainbow after every rain.

With your hypnosis CD, all you have to do is to close your eyes and allow the affirmations or the sounds to penetrate your subconscious and take it all in.

How to Make It Work for You More Effectively

Hypnosis works, but you need to do more to make it even more effective and useful.

Here are some tips:

Attend a hypnosis school. You can train yourself how to do hypnosis, but the self-learning is a lot faster if you have a little background about the practice. You can take a short course in a hypnosis school. With thousands of schools in the United States, and worldwide for that matter, finding one shouldn’t be trouble.

Customize the hypnosis. You can’t expect a hypnosis audio for insomnia to work with your struggle in math. You need to personalize it according to your present situation. Or you can just go for more specific hypnosis mp3 downloads.

Calm your mind. Help yourself to be in a more relaxed state before you go for a hypnosis session. If your mind is filled with plenty of thoughts, it’s harder for you to hear and accept the subliminal messages.

One of the best techniques is through proper breathing. It relaxes your muscles and nerves, and as you exhale, you can imagine your worries going out of you.

To do proper breathing, breathe in air through your nose slowly. Feel the air filling up your lungs and the diaphragm rising. Count to three to exhale through your mouth.

Use the hypnosis CDs often. Hypnosis isn’t an overnight practice. It should be done regularly since the subconscious mind is extremely hard to get into. Thus, listen to your hypnosis audio as many times as you can. You can also play your CDs in your car while driving.

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