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Eckhart Tolle, in his great book, “The Power of Now”,  shares his deep realization that, at any and every moment, there is nothing but NOW.
This is not a denial that there was a past, but the full realization that what we call the past is done with, unreachable, and only a memory or a record of it exits now.
Likewise, the future is not happening. Neither is the future pre-made.  It has never and doesn’t exist. What we call the “future”  is only a mental model that we hold of what might exist later. It is only a mental model an imaginary now.  My apologies to Mr. Tolle for this attempt to restate what he is able to say very eloquently in his book.
What is so powerful about this seemingly simply concept is this: If we put more of our conciousness on each  “now moment”, we can take action. Actually create ideas, feelings, and experiences. These 3 are created from memories, not from the past itself.  The future may or may not be influenced by our imagination of it.  That imagination occurs only NOW.
It is easy to think up arguments against this point of view.  It is much more useful to TEST this idea now and now and now. Do it by noticing when you are remembering, then redirecting your present ( now ) consciousness back the the present moment.
As for the future, redirect your attention from attempting to engineer the future and experience the present moment, one after the other. I think of  this as living “by the seat of my pants” rather than by radar and forecasts.
This is a very slippery concept when we first experience it ( like ice on a sidewalk ). It gets less slippery as I put my attention on
each step, worry less, and find myself rejoicing in the skill I now have.
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