Is Your Mindset The Be All And End All Of Success?

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We hear ever so often, mindset is everything, and without the mindset there can be no success. Is this really true, is mindset the be all and end all of success? Can your mindset play such an important part in the results you see?

It is said that success boils down to 90% psychology or mindset and 10% to action. Even though in time we will act, and those actions do play a very important part, the psychology is still a crucial part.

Imagine for a moment wanting to achieve going on holiday to Fuji. Now you may say ‘sure’ or you may say ‘I could never afford that’. Straight away we can see the importance of mindset. Which do you think will likely go to Fuji?

However, mindset is not totally the be all and end all of success. You can feel like you are worth a million bucks, but if you don’t take action, then it is almost certain that you will not achieve what you want.

Yes, mindset plays an important part in achieving success, but the action is the key to achieving the success. So many mindset products are available right now. One teaches you about the mindset of a millionaire, another teaches you about getting the right mindset on dating. However, all too often we can get stuck with the mindset issue. I don’t feel like a millionaire, I need more mindset training, is a trap that is easy to get into.

The question is when will you be ready? When will you be ready to say yes ‘I have the mindset’ and continue and win? Now we know mindset is important, and action is also an important part of this process of achieving that success you seek, but what are you waiting for?

When will you know you have the mindset necessary to achieve the success? This is a question which I never really asked for a period of time, when I started focusing on the mindset issue. There are many people who will spend years not feeling that they are ready. What is that mindset you seek?

You will need to find it, and decide how you will know you have found it. It is best to intend yourself, ‘today I am going to have the mindset’ for that which you seek. This is important, as it is way too easy to spend years just trying to get our mindsets right.

If we take a look the other way however, that being action without the mindset, then it is unlikely we will achieve. The mindset plays a part in the process. The president of the US can’t hold the same mindset as someone who works in McDonalds and looks out only for his own needs.

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2 comments on “Is Your Mindset The Be All And End All Of Success?

  1. Locke on said:

    There is no arguing with the observation that mindset alone does not bring success or happiness. After all, we must take action. Taking action, versus just thinking or feeling, of course is part of the mindset, too! The action mindset is as necessary as the “I can take a vacation trip to Fuji.” mindset or the mindset of a millionaire.

    It is well worth the attention of anyone seeking to succeed in work or play, that there IS such a thing as an “Action Mindset”. Mr. Huseyin has pointed this out very clearly, though he seems to have recommended it as though it were not a mindset in itself. I doubt that is what he intended. -JL

  2. Yeah. Completely agree

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