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You Can Work with a Great Therapist from Home.

There is No Need to live near a great therapist .


Any person considering seeking online counseling would be well advised to do a little research to understand exactly what online counseling, or etherapy, really is and what it is not. E-therapy is a viable alternative to the traditional forms of counseling and psychotherapy. It utilizes the power of internet and computer technology to conduct both real time and asynchronous therapeutic services. This includes the use of webcams, chat-room or instant messenger based formats, the exchange of emails, and telephone therapy. Online counseling is not the same thing as therapy because using the internet cannot completely recreate two human beings being physically in each others presence with a therapist being able to pay great attention to body language, eye contact, and auditory cues from the client. Therefore, E-therapy is completely distinguished and separate from traditional therapy.

However, e-therapy does offer potential benefits in a variety ways for people who; may not have access to a therapist, cannot afford a therapist, are apprehensive in being in the room with a stranger discussing deeply personal matters, or do not have the time to travel to and from an office to see a therapist. In these cases, online counseling has many advantages over traditional psychotherapy. For the person who may not be able to afford a therapist’s services, an e-therapist can offer a fee scale far more competitive as he or she does not incur the level of overhead cost the traditional therapist has. Their office can be in their home instead of commercial real estate. Although insurance companies will not pay for online counseling most e-therapists have fees that are even less than some of these co-pays.

Since travel is completely eliminated from the equation loss of time is mitigated in etherapy. Sessions can be conducted from anywhere with an internet connection so even etherapy in different time zones is not an issue. E-therapy is simply not bound by geographical constraints or borders so potential clients now have access to therapists from around the world. Furthermore, some people may wish to remain completely anonymous when discussing personal matters with someone. E-therapy can offer an anonymous platform. Should the person want he or she could simply exchange emails and never have to see the therapist. However, for those who desire a more equivalent experience to traditional therapy, video-conferencing is available. A client and therapist can see each other in real time in very high quality video resolution from anywhere around the world at anytime.

Most importantly though, is e-therapy effective? Is it as good as traditional therapy? Although online counseling is still a relatively new model of mental health and requires more research, the evidence that does exist is promising. Since most e-therapists utilize theoretical approaches similar to traditional therapies, early studies are finding efficacy to be at about the same level as traditional therapy, with the major contributing factors being the same;skill of the therapist and client’s level of motivation for change. Any potential client should make sure that the etherapist they are going to work with is someone who has education and training in the traditional forms of therapy. There are also some new online credentialing bodies that certify online counselors. A little time, effort, and discernment is all that is required before starting etherapy.

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