A Simple example of “Mindset Programming “

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It’s been about a month since I’ve written anything here. My father died on December 30, and I made a trip from Massachusetts to the state of Washington to work with my sisters and friends on a memorial service that would do him justice.

Here is a quickie. It is based on something that happened during my trip.

Mindset is a word for the basic, out-of-consciousness, brain functions, behind everything that we consciously think about. Having consciously thought about and written about mindset in this new blog, I noticed the word,” mindset” popping up everywhere. I found it in the president’s speeches. I found it in several magazines I read. I found it in Internet articles about topics not obviously related to mindset.

So, why had I not seen that word anywhere nearly as frequently before I began writing about it?

I submit that conscious activity, like writing about mindset, defining mindset more clearly in my own mind, using the word more frequently in my conversations with my sisters and friends on his recent trip, had any effect on the part of my subconscious mind that filters my awareness.

In terms of the analogy in a earlier post, “The Brain as a Computer and the Unconscious Mind as an Operating System”, I hand engaged in conscious activity (programming) of the operating system of my mind. That functional piece of my unconscious mind was a filter, applied to incoming information, that caused me to pay attention to and remember references to the word “mindset” and its meaning much more often than I did before.

Before that reprogramming, it seemed to me that the word “mindset” was seldom used. Having directed my consciousness, toward it, I noticed the word coming up several times a day.

Soon I will be writing about ways that you and I can use repeated, brief thoughts to alter the operating system of our own minds. Those changes to the operating system level of our minds can profoundly affect not only the way we see the world, but how we feel about it, how we act, and what we are able to do.


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