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Challenges: Exciting or Depressing?

First, what is a challenge? Of course you know what
you mean by the word, but, how much agreement is there
between various people’s definitions? My long experience
asking people questions about challenges is that responses
to the question can be sorted, fairly neatly, into two

These boxes could be labeled, “Exciting challenges” and
“Depressing challenges” .

Here are some examples of “Depressing Challenges”:

    Something I could never do.
    Something I am not good at.
    Something I am simply not meant to do.
    Something people in my family just can’t do well.
    I’m a right brain person. That is a totally left brain thing.
    Something that it scares me to death to even consider.
    Something that you will never catch me even trying.
    Something you’ll never catch me doing.
    Something I’m not smart enough to do.

Here are some examples of “Exciting challenges”

    Something that I would love to learn to do .
    Something I have yet learn to do.
    Something exciting that I want to do this year.
    I would like to be the first in my family to do it!
    That sounds like that would develop the right side of my brain.
    When I think about doing that, I get really excited about it.
    Learning to do that would open up a whole batch of new skills.

You see, these are not really definitions of challenges at all.
They aren’t “Exciting” or “Depressing” challenges. They are the
responses  of people with different mindsets.
The mindset of each person sorts the challenges in its own way.

It is safe to say that people who are excited by challenges
succeed much more often than people who avoid them.

Your mindset is not written in stone. For you computer geeks, it is
not burned into a ROM. Your conscious mind CAN rewrite your
mindset. Rewriting them is an exiting challenge..


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