How games are coming on strong as educational tools.

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Kids love games. So do adults. We pay more attention to games and spend more

time with them than we do to work or study tasks. Serious studies are now

suggesting that there are perfectly good reason for this and that games can pu

good useful stuff in our brains even more effectively than just pure, sweat it out study.

Visit for a lot more about this. There is a current featured

article about a study of games as educational tools featured there.

Here is a summary of that article:

The notion of using video games for learning causes some to cringe, others to leap for

joy, and many to ask questions about this learning medium. These questions often

come from people and organizations that are considering delving into the world

of learning games but don’t know if this is advisable or don’t know where to start.

The goal of this paper is to answer those questions about learning games and to help

plot a path for people and organizations interested in developing or fostering

the development of video games for learning. The paper starts by making a case for

learning games grounded in principles of good fun and good learning.

From there the paper explores the commercial games market, gleaning lessons from

this rapidly growing and diversifying place. In order to address the concerns of those

who see “edutainment” as a dead market, the paper analyzes the downfall of edutainment

in the 1990s and establishes how the current movement differs. As there are many

applications of games related (more or less) to learning games, the paper lays out the

ecology of games with a purpose beyond play. Much of the rest of the paper establishes

principles and best practices for moving the field forward in a positive direction.

The paper should provide a good grounding in the field and both motivate and inform

those wanting to participate in this rapidly growing domain.



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