Actually DOING things always trumps wishing you had.

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I’ve had a wide variety of careers that have all been interesting in their own way including selling fireflies.

But some of the truly interesting things that are important to me and my story: I’ve walked through a rain forest barefoot sinking calf deep into the muck…its an amazing feeling. And watched a volcano spew red hot lava down its slopes all night feeling the rumbling from just a few miles away. I’ve mountain biked in the solitude of Moab (harder to do nowadays) and joined 15,000 of my closest friends to bicycle across Iowa. Hiking in the Grand Canyon and watching amazing sunrises and sunsets there are another highlight. I once watched a sloth for 2 hours which was much more interesting than you’d think. Did you know there’s a Chicken and Egg Festival in Alabama? Been there, still don’t know which came first. I’ve been to a spider web farm as well.

I have a list of things to do and places to go. I’d encourage everyone to make bucket lists and write them down. You really can do whatever you put your mind to.

It really has very little to do with money for the most part and everything to do with just making things happen or taking advantage of opportunities. Ok, yes you need money to do a lot of things…so spend it on what matters to you. So how much money could you divert to doing things you truly care about deep down by canceling cable or bringing a sack lunch to work or cutting your cell phone plan back? Go buy a good thermos and bring your coffee to work most days instead of stopping at the coffee shop. I still go get a treat at the coffee shop and go out to lunch some days, but I sure save a lot of cash now.

There are kids who’ve never held a “real job” traveling the world right now that know these types of things writing the most amazing scripts. Maybe your mortgage or mouths to feed prevent you from seeing Everest right now, but there are cheap things to do and places to go that will blow your mind and everyone that you talk to about what you’ve done.

Don’t believe me? Join a museum and attend a members night where you can talk to curators. Take a class on something hands on like blacksmithing or jewelry making. Buy a travel guide for the area you live. Go camping with little more than a tent, a book and some smores. There’s no law that says an adventure has to be far from home in exotic locations. Thats just a bonus when you can make it happen. When you talk to people about these things you do they will be amazed because so few people take control of their own.

I really enjoy marketing and get obsessed and excited about it. Just ask my girlfriend that I have had the above adventures with. But what I do for a living is not the core of my story. It’s nice to be reminded of that sometimes.

I think I will post my bucket list at the office to help remind me more often. This and next week I get to cross off helicopter ride, submarine ride, 1 more national park and whale watching!


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