Japanese women, men and children need your help.

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Give to help people suffering in Japan….. And pray for others to do that, too.

As you know, PEOPLE are suffering and are going to suffer intensely in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Prayers for these people are a good thing and should include praying that every American who is better off than these quake victims give a bit from their pockets, too.  Please consider whether you are able to give something to these people.
If you can sacrifice a little, you can send help in the form of money right now.  Here are computer links to carefully screened organizations that will see that your gift is converted into real, on the real, on the ground help that you are praying for.
These are carefully verified, charities. Use the funny looking computer
addresses ( like http://bit.ly/dQge1q ) to go to the donation site. Be careful to get the letters and punctuation exactly right. If you are
using a computer to read this plea for help, just click on the URL ( address ) written in blue after your chosen charity.
AMERICAN RED CROSSS: The American Red Cross is currently supporting and advising the Japanese Red Cross, which continues to assist the government in its response.  You can help people affected by disasters, like floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as countless other crises at home and around the world by making a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Donate here.  http://bit.ly/dQge1q
GLOBALGIVING: Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. We are working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground to provide support. Our partners on the ground are working hard to provide immediate relief. Donate here.http://bit.ly/hGEU3I
SAVE THE CHILDREN:  Save the Children, which has worked in Japan since 1986, has an immediate goal of $5 million to launch longer-term recovery for children affected by Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Save the Children has opened the first child-friendly space in Japan, protective environments where children can gather to play and share their experiences under the supervision of trained, caring adults. Donate here.  http://bit.ly/f9KP90
SALVATION ARMY ( NETWORK FOR GOOD ): The Salvation Army has been in Japan since 1895 and is currently providing emergency assistance to those in need. Donate here.http://bit.ly/fqfIPB
AMERICARES: AmeriCares and its relief workers in Japan are working to deliver medicines and supplies to hospitals, shelters and health responders to treat and care for survivors.  The AmeriCares team began mobilizing within hours of the first reports of the dual disasters, dispatching an emergency response manager to Tokyo to direct the efforts of our relief workers in Sendai, the largest city closest to the impact zone. Our team is in direct contact with local officials, evacuation shelters and hospitals treating the injured in Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate to determine health needs. Donate here. http://bit.ly/g0tZLz
INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS: A team of doctors flew to Sendai, where they will be delivering supplies, assessing needs, and identifying communities that have not yet been reached. We continue to coordinate with local health authorities and partners on critical gaps, providing technical expertise and assisting with logistics. Donate here. http://bit.ly/hBdolT
SHELTERBOX: ShelterBox responds instantly to natural and man-made disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need. The box includes a tent for a family of 10, cooker, blankets, water purification, tool kit and other items survivors need to rebuild their lives in the days, weeks and months following a disaster. Donate here. http://bit.ly/iiBfGh
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Actually DOING things always trumps wishing you had.

This is a post from http://www.perrymarshall.com an utterly
wonderful blog that I enthusiastically recommend.
Visit it

“Jeff Martyka’s  , “Prosperocity.com

Wacky Action Adventure Documentary  by Jeff Martyka

I’ve had a wide variety of careers that have all been interesting in their own way including selling fireflies.

But some of the truly interesting things that are important to me and my story: I’ve walked through a rain forest barefoot sinking calf deep into the muck…its an amazing feeling. And watched a volcano spew red hot lava down its slopes all night feeling the rumbling from just a few miles away. I’ve mountain biked in the solitude of Moab (harder to do nowadays) and joined 15,000 of my closest friends to bicycle across Iowa. Hiking in the Grand Canyon and watching amazing sunrises and sunsets there are another highlight. I once watched a sloth for 2 hours which was much more interesting than you’d think. Did you know there’s a Chicken and Egg Festival in Alabama? Been there, still don’t know which came first. I’ve been to a spider web farm as well.

I have a list of things to do and places to go. I’d encourage everyone to make bucket lists and write them down. You really can do whatever you put your mind to.

It really has very little to do with money for the most part and everything to do with just making things happen or taking advantage of opportunities. Ok, yes you need money to do a lot of things…so spend it on what matters to you. So how much money could you divert to doing things you truly care about deep down by canceling cable or bringing a sack lunch to work or cutting your cell phone plan back? Go buy a good thermos and bring your coffee to work most days instead of stopping at the coffee shop. I still go get a treat at the coffee shop and go out to lunch some days, but I sure save a lot of cash now.

There are kids who’ve never held a “real job” traveling the world right now that know these types of things writing the most amazing scripts. Maybe your mortgage or mouths to feed prevent you from seeing Everest right now, but there are cheap things to do and places to go that will blow your mind and everyone that you talk to about what you’ve done.

Don’t believe me? Join a museum and attend a members night where you can talk to curators. Take a class on something hands on like blacksmithing or jewelry making. Buy a travel guide for the area you live. Go camping with little more than a tent, a book and some smores. There’s no law that says an adventure has to be far from home in exotic locations. Thats just a bonus when you can make it happen. When you talk to people about these things you do they will be amazed because so few people take control of their own.

I really enjoy marketing and get obsessed and excited about it. Just ask my girlfriend that I have had the above adventures with. But what I do for a living is not the core of my story. It’s nice to be reminded of that sometimes.

I think I will post my bucket list at the office to help remind me more often. This and next week I get to cross off helicopter ride, submarine ride, 1 more national park and whale watching!


Steps to Create and Maintain Success

This 3+ minute talk by Richard St. John describes the role  of
Passion, Work, Focus, Push, Ideas, Improve, Serve and Persist
in his the rise, fall and recovery of his business.


Making Good Use of Audio Self-hypnosis for Personal Growth

More and more people have been using self hypnosis to manage or treat their conditions, from depression to insomnia or migraines. Fortunately, plenty of tools or materials are available to make it achievable. These include using a hypnosis audio.

How Does It Work?

There are different types of hypnosis audio files you can use. Some contain sounds, beats, or instrumental music, which will calm the mind and make it easier for you to tap into your subconscious.

On the other hand, some hypnosis mp3 downloads contain subliminal messages. These are also referred to as affirmations. They work by feeding your mind with images or words. The more they get deeper into your subconscious mind, the more they form a new belief system. When you start to believe in them, they will influence your conscious mind, which is extremely serious about filtering information.

Since they are stored in the subconscious, you cannot remove the message, but they can be hidden, especially if you won’t allow the subconscious mind to work.

Here are some examples of subliminal messages:

I love myself.
Tomorrow is another day full of hope and love.
I am surrounded by family and friends who love me.
There’s a rainbow after every rain.

With your hypnosis CD, all you have to do is to close your eyes and allow the affirmations or the sounds to penetrate your subconscious and take it all in.

How to Make It Work for You More Effectively

Hypnosis works, but you need to do more to make it even more effective and useful.

Here are some tips:

Attend a hypnosis school. You can train yourself how to do hypnosis, but the self-learning is a lot faster if you have a little background about the practice. You can take a short course in a hypnosis school. With thousands of schools in the United States, and worldwide for that matter, finding one shouldn’t be trouble.

Customize the hypnosis. You can’t expect a hypnosis audio for insomnia to work with your struggle in math. You need to personalize it according to your present situation. Or you can just go for more specific hypnosis mp3 downloads.

Calm your mind. Help yourself to be in a more relaxed state before you go for a hypnosis session. If your mind is filled with plenty of thoughts, it’s harder for you to hear and accept the subliminal messages.

One of the best techniques is through proper breathing. It relaxes your muscles and nerves, and as you exhale, you can imagine your worries going out of you.

To do proper breathing, breathe in air through your nose slowly. Feel the air filling up your lungs and the diaphragm rising. Count to three to exhale through your mouth.

Use the hypnosis CDs often. Hypnosis isn’t an overnight practice. It should be done regularly since the subconscious mind is extremely hard to get into. Thus, listen to your hypnosis audio as many times as you can. You can also play your CDs in your car while driving.

Nelson Berry is the Pioneer of Subliminal Messages Videos and Subliminal MP3s Audio Subliminal Messages
Online. Click for 4 Free Subliminal Video Messages Downloads (valued at $160).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nelson_Berry


Surviving the loss of a friend.

There is a brief excerpt of an article from HubPages. Click the link to read the whole article. .

“Friends aren’t forever, but memories are. I know how hard it is to lose someone close to you. Especially a friend. All you want is to hate the person, but you can’t. So you blame one of three people, the person, yourself, and everyone else. But you can’t do that forever. In all likeliness, it was nobody’s fault. It just wasn’t meant to be.”


Turning Towards Happiness

I have known depression and despair. I have known optimism. Believe me, optimism is better. Depression can be secure…it can be “known territory”, while optimism is that place of open ended view out into the future, trusting your ability to leap and land with both feet on the ground, the wind in your hair. Not so predictable. You can remember that babies are not born depressed–depression is learned, optimism forgotten in the face of it. And getting from depression back to optimism takes such a great leap. Perhaps you’d rather make it a slow hike. No matter; in this movement from one to another, there is a wonderfully strange place where your self-view (“I am depressed”) melts, and the far less definable self-view hasn’t quite emerged. I noticed that I went from defining myself by my emotion (I’m depressed) to doing so by my action (I went to the concert, I found a great sale on clothes, I went fishing, I talked to three of my friends today).

There are skills to learn along the way when venturing from depression to optimism. These skills can be learned, and practiced; sort of like learning to walk, or scuba diving. One of these skills, I have found, is to notice details of beauty. Notice the details of beauty. This means to allow yourself to seek and find the beauty in the small things—the raindrop, the flower, the way a cat’s tongue feels. Do this daily, allowing the noticing to sink in. It may feel, at first, like watering a too-dry plant. The water, or experience, runs off, unable to be absorbed. Do it again anyway–notice the slight difference. They say it takes at least three times to water a Bonsai tree, for the water does not reach the inner roots until the third watering. So, give yourself time. Notice small beauty, every day, until you become aware of its effect deep inside you. Does doing this wake you up the next morning with joy in your voice? Reaching ongoing happiness will probably take a bit longer. However, starting with beauty has a special benefit: You can practice in secret, without anyone expecting or noticing a change–in fact, as you practice, you can find yourself changing so gradually, or perhaps returning to that more rewarding place of optimism in such a steady rhythm, that what was once a habit in infancy, moves through new feelings, to become a familiar daily awareness.

Kate Bowditch


Living in The Present — The only time to live

Eckhart Tolle, in his great book, “The Power of Now”,  shares his deep realization that, at any and every moment, there is nothing but NOW.
This is not a denial that there was a past, but the full realization that what we call the past is done with, unreachable, and only a memory or a record of it exits now.
Likewise, the future is not happening. Neither is the future pre-made.  It has never and doesn’t exist. What we call the “future”  is only a mental model that we hold of what might exist later. It is only a mental model an imaginary now.  My apologies to Mr. Tolle for this attempt to restate what he is able to say very eloquently in his book.
What is so powerful about this seemingly simply concept is this: If we put more of our conciousness on each  “now moment”, we can take action. Actually create ideas, feelings, and experiences. These 3 are created from memories, not from the past itself.  The future may or may not be influenced by our imagination of it.  That imagination occurs only NOW.
It is easy to think up arguments against this point of view.  It is much more useful to TEST this idea now and now and now. Do it by noticing when you are remembering, then redirecting your present ( now ) consciousness back the the present moment.
As for the future, redirect your attention from attempting to engineer the future and experience the present moment, one after the other. I think of  this as living “by the seat of my pants” rather than by radar and forecasts.
This is a very slippery concept when we first experience it ( like ice on a sidewalk ). It gets less slippery as I put my attention on
each step, worry less, and find myself rejoicing in the skill I now have.
This and other books by Eckhart Tolle, are available at Amazon.com through this link:

THE POWER OF NOW ( click for details or to order )


Happiness of Americans at various ages

This graph is interesting. It shows that older people tend to be happier as they age.  The group reporting  the the age group reporting the lowest happiness score was about 53 years old. Please note that the range of happiness scores is only only about 0.7 points out of 10.  The graph does not show the whole possible range of 0 to 10.  Also, that what I am calling “happiness” is  referred to by the author as “psychological wellbeing”.

Study shows the elderly are the happiest

What age is least happy in the USA


The Dave McCoy story. This man has a dynamic mindset.


In today’s Huffington Post.Robert Leahy, Ph.D.Director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, posted an excellent piece,
“The 12 Worst Relationship Mindsets: Which Are YOU Guilty Of?
Dr. Leahy lists these along with a clear explantion. I list only his “titles” for these mindsets. Visit the link above to read thes excellent opinion.

    Catastrophic Thinking
    Emotional Reasoning
    Negative Filter
    All-or-Nothing Thinking
    Discounting the Positive



A huge mindset change is needed to solve the problem of homeless Hawaiian people in their native land.


“Flash” Hallelujah Chorus at Seattle Nordstrom

This being Christmas, I hope those of you who are Christians, or just love great music will appreciate this informal singing of the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah.