Hypnosis revisited – : 20-20 Insight Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis

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This little blue book goes beyond inductions, and habit control. Way beyond. It is magic juice for psychotherapists for whom “client centered” is more than a buzzword. She illustrates, in short case examples, that what a client believes far outweighs verified, historical truth. Ms. Bowditch may remind you of Milton Erickson. She does not so much analyze her client’s beliefs as use the trance state to flesh them out, to include solutions, much as Erickson would “create a new history” in the client’s mind. This need not necessarily be a more accurate history, but one conducive to a better future.

I enjoyed her work with pain management as much as the more psycho-dynamic stuff. She gives appropriate weight to managing the fear of pain and medical/dental procedures. I hope she will write a whole book on this topic.

I’m a pretty down to earth guy and am satisfied with a very small dose of the metaphysical, New Age philosophies. Kate knows no fear when walking in the shadow of the mysteries. In this book you will find her very comfortable with clients who hold these beliefs dear. She writes about walking in that valley rather than climbing mountains to avoid it. I found this useful, and I fear no evil there as a result.

You will find thought provoking work with “false memories”, past life experiences, death and dying as experienced by Christians, Musims, Jews, Pagans and atheists. I hope she will add this therapists repertoire by writing more on this topic. Perhaps she will read this review and do so.

This work is a “keeper”. I will keep coming back to it.

To order, CLICK on title: 20-20 Insight Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis


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