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Healing low self-esteem with a wave of a wand is a day-dream for many ordinary people. But it doesn’t change the fact, that you really can do something to improve your poor self-esteem in a very short period of time. You need two things – a few tips about self-esteem exercises and a decent dose of determination.

Building self-confidence is a multi-task activity. It doesn’t mean it’s difficult, because it’s not. It’s easier than you think. There are lots of ways to improve your self-esteem. You need changes on a few levels – change of attitude towards others, change of state of mind and even change of look. Let’s talk about the last one. If it sounds a bit strange for you, look at – for example – young girls, teenagers. Lack of self-esteem is very common amongst them. They are trying to change it by changing they look in the first place.

Proper clothes – stylish and fashionable – can literally boost your courage and self-confidence in seconds. It can give you an instant boost and that’s why it is one of the easiest ways of building self-esteem. A tip of that kind, that could be very useful for you? Start changing your look from… a smile. Yes, it’s so simple. When you feel your poor self-esteem is overwhelming, a smile will make you feel better. It won’t change you into totally new, self-confident man, but smile is so strongly associated with high self-esteem and leadership, that you will definitely appear more confident to others.

The same with the rest of your physical appearance. When you have fashionable clothes, good make-up or clean shoes (remember about a smile!), you look like self-confident man. When you feel like that others will get an impression that this is the way you really are (maintaining eye contact will strengthen that impression).

Another tip is related to attitude. You’ve got to convince yourself, that your interlocutor is a man like you. Not better and not worse than you or anyone else in the world. It may sound strange, but that is one of the most important points when it comes to building self-esteem. Inferiority complex is a feeling that one is inferior to others, and – believe me! – that feeling can effectively undermine your efforts to build self-esteem. So remember – no one is more or less important. Some of us are more handsome, richer or more successful in family relationships, but it doesn’t mean anything. Life is a kaleidoscope. You can meet a love of your life tomorrow, during sending your lotto coupon, which would make you a millionaire. Things like this happen all the time, you may read or hear about them. Keep it in mind, but don’t forget about the basic truth – focus on the here and now. Have your dreams, but healing low self-esteem starts every moment, starts right now. Don’t treat it like a “future task”, don’t live your life with a thought like “I will do/win something one day”.

And last but not least – your inner state of mind. It’s in fact the most valuable tool you have. While computers have their programmes, you have your very own programme in your head and in your heart. Your programme knows, that you can sometimes hear other voices, saying things like: you are not to good at…don’t do it, you may lose…stop trying, it doesn’t have any sense… You may call your programme “I know my own worth”. That’s why you should know, what exactly self-esteem is and what it means “to build self-esteem”. I suggest you should read more on the ways to build self-confidence. You don’t risk anything – it can only help.

Our mission is to improve your life at every level. In other words – to help you enjoy your everyday living to the maximum. Repeating after John Lennon: it’s easy if you try. I believe it works just like that.

Transparency is an essential part of our community. Everything is clear in here – you decide which ebook is good for you. Choose the one you like. We still search the net to find the best content for you. Our aim is to give you as many possibilities of choice as we can.

So here you are – absolutely free, life-changing eBooks, which would make you feel fulfilled man: with a healthy relationship, great work and interesting hobby.

Just read and enjoy.

Mark Gardner
Self Improvement Library


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