Why are You Afraid of Success in Modeling? A Question of Self Confidence

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Self Confidence — Fact or Myth?

OK, you are ready to contact your very first model agency — or are you? You look through the pages of agents listed on the Internet to find just that right one in your area to contact; or maybe you are going for the big-time in New York City!

It doesn’t matter. The lump in your throat just got bigger and you are turning pale with fear of hearing that awful word ,,, NO!!

Now, before you stop reading and say; “This guy is not only negative but he is reminding me of what I feel.”, just remember that these feelings are perfectly normal.

Self confidence more important than attractiveness ? More important than ability?

I believe it is. In all reality, self confidence is attractiveness. No matter how pretty you are your chances of becoming a model are slim if you are not confident enough to make the contacts. So, being a sexy and attractive model is not enough, believing in yourself is key!

Even super-successful people sometimes have a confidence problem. Here are a couple of confidence qoutes to make you feel a little better about your situation….

Barbara Streisand had a period of time (after she had become a huge success in music and movies) where she was absolutely terrified to go on stage. Barbara had a confidence problem. It took all the courage she could muster to do a comeback performance so you are not alone!

Another good example is .. ME! I used to be so shy I could not lead a group in silent prayer! I could not talk to people, I felt inadequate in conversation (still sometimes get those feelings) and certainly could not see any degree of success in anything I attempted. You know what was missing? That’s right… Confidence!

Do you want to know how I overcame this obstacle and began to have some success in my life?

I would have to say that one of the main keys in overcoming my shyness was education. When I was discharged from the Army I decided it was time to do something in my life (I had no idea what) and go to college. In school I became a psychology major with plans to teach. I later found that teaching was not quite what I wanted to do but the psychology courses taught me some things about my shyness and confidence.

I learned that confidence comes with knowledge. The more I knew about a subject the more confident I became in talking to others about it.

What in the world does this all this about self confidence have to do with modeling?

In a sense, everything!

If you want to make it as a fashion, glamour or figure model you must have a certain confidence. How do you gain this confidence in modeling? By studying and learning everything you can about the industry, finding what makes a successful model, and last but certainly not least … practice, practice, practice!!

I know there are some limitations for certain kinds of modeling as we discussed in the article about model types but this is not what I am talking about here. I am assuming that you have written down some clear goals outlining the type modeling you are most interested in and suited for and that you are developing a plan to make your goals work.

Remember, a dream is just a dream but it becomes a goal when you write it down, put a date of completion on it, and start step one today.

Confidence comes with small successes and from failures.

I will never answer a teen girl or woman when she asks me whether or not she can make it as a model because people through history have done that and regretted it later. Sort of like the engineers of the Titanic calling it “unsinkable”.

I also refer often to two other “failures” in show business.

The first was told he had no singing voice and should go back to his job of driving a truck. This was Elvis Presley.

The second was a new rock group in the early sixties. They were told by a major record label that “bands with guitars are on their way out” and were turned down. This little group turned out to be the Beatles.

So, you are in good company if you are turned down by an agency. Always ask yourself, “What’s the very worst that could happen if I apply to an agency?”

I believe the obvious answer is the worst that can happen is that they say no. If this is the case then you are in no worse situation than you are now. But what if they say yes!!

The main point to remember is that everyone is not going to like your “look” and you will most likely be turned down at least once or maybe more but those who have a chance are the ones who keep working to improve and who keep contacting agents. All of a sudden someone could say “yes”; or maybe not.

Want to become a failure? You can do it! The best way to become a failure is not to try. When you look back on your life in later years, even if you never get a single modeling job, I want you to be able to say, “I gave it everything I had” and not be like so many others who say “if only”.

Be honest in your self-assessment, follow up with study and lots of practice. Remember that self confidence is attractiveness. If you embrace these thoughts and take these first steps, your esteem will grow and you will find yourself contacting agencies and building self confidence as you make small gains. These are essential if you are to have success in modeling.

Now, grit your teeth with determination and become that self confident person that I know is inside of you!

Bob Pardue is a professional model lphotographer. Learn to model with this free report at http://www.bobpardue.com/model/model-report/


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