What Improving Your Self-Confidence Can Do For You

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Have you ever noticed that your life is going through a continuous stage or life altering decisions? If I go down this road, I could have had this life. But with that life came these different responsibilities. Let’s start with the confidence that was exuded as an infant. How you commanded an audience where ever you went. Your presence was heard and known throughout each room that you entered. Why, because you cried and yelled and belted only the notes that could come from a baby. Now as you became a toddler, here comes another milestone, the ability to walk and talk. It takes that will and belief in self to be brave enough to constantly try something over and over and over again, without any remorse or fear knowing that outcome. But a toddler that knows that if they keep getting up and keep striving to take that first step, than second step, than third step, braving then inevitable pain or embarrassment of falling on their bottoms. But you persevered, why because you believed in yourself. When we became teenagers, we tackled yet another stage of the ever so changing force that we call LIFE. We are confronting that moment in life that most adults try to skip because they know how reckless it was when the first did it. You are 16 and you decided that on this day at this time in this moment you want to learn to drive. Now I will not speak on the trials and errors that come along with this daunting task. But the perils that both the teenager and adult go through each time they embark on this journey is quite the achievement. But through it all, you will not pursue this challenge if you did not believe in yourself.

I can continue to go through the life changes over each stage or challenges from child to adult to elder, but that is for another story, so I will just continue to speak on what I am trying to point out in this message and that is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. When you have self-confidence there is nothing that you can not achieve. When people throughout history believed in themselves and were not so reciprocating the belief. Major achievements were the result and sparked something so extraordinary, that when we speak of people being the first or an invention that is used, the names of our forefathers are mentioned. Could you have the courage to approach someone and say, “I have an idea that will change the way we talk to people long distance, short distance, across the street, around the world.” Well because Alexander Graham Bell did we have the telephone. The courage it took him and the self-confidence that he embodied made him and everyone around him have a different found respect and technology because he was not afraid to stand up and step up and show his belief. Could you say, “I don’t like the way people are being treated just because of the color of their skin. I want to do something about that. I know that there would be a lot of hatred that I will experience and it will result in thousands and hundreds of thousands of people getting hurt or killed because of this sacrifice, but it has to be done.” Well Dr. Martin Luther King, spoke up and out on something that he believed in, knowing fully well what the outcome was. The values and belief in self that was instilled in him bridge out to others and encouraged them to believe in what they can do. He was triumphant in part of what he set out to do, and that was to make people take a good look at themselves, and consider their actions. When he spoke you listened and took head of the effect that resulted. You have people in your office and school, church and neighborhood that are interacting in a system now, that is constantly displaying their beliefs. How can you believe in what someone else is doing but you cannot fathom the reality of believing in yourself first?

Self confidence is not something that everyone knows how to express naturally, but it is embedded in us. When your confidence is looked on, it does something to your aura. You can have confidence and continue to be humbled in who you are. You display a confidence and pride in your well-being that will illuminate and irradiate your every step in life and love. The inherent ability to know that you are in control of your life choices and even in regret you are passionate about who you are. A belief in yourself builds an uncompromising, intrinsic view that no one should be able to take from you. Believing in an idea and acting upon that idea displays the courage and fortitude to succeed when others have counted you out.


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