The Truth About Building Self Confidence

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The fact that you are reading this Article about building self confidence tells me that You or someone you care about has a problem with Anxiety or lack of Self Confidence. Hopefully after reading this report that Problem won’t seem half as bad.

So what is Anxiety or lack of self confidence?

Being anxious means the Mind is in a Distressed state about something or being concerned about something which may or may not happen. Feeling Restless or Uneasy about something which may or may not happen as a result of you doing something. Usually you are worried about looking or feeling like a fool because of some action you are about to perform i.e. Public Speaking, Job Interview, Talking to Strangers, even simple tasks like going to the Doctors or the Bank can seem like a difficult & worrying chore.

Have you ever been to a Bar or Party & seen someone you really fancy but never had the Courage to speak to them for fear of saying the wrong thing & being made to feel a complete fool. Well stop worrying, You are not alone, countless numbers of people have the same problem, but it is a problem that can be overcome by building self confidence & the solution is a lot easier than you could imagine.

First let me tell you a true story because I used to have the same problem myself until something happened one day whilst I was out with a mate in a fast food restaurant & that one incident made me realise something which changed my life completely. Whilst we were waiting to be served two gorgeous girls (about our age) came in & my mate started giving them the eye. The girls started giggling & whispering to each other so I immediately turned away all embarrassed thinking they were laughing at us and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. I was that embarrassed I was about to run out of the place when suddenly one of the girls called us over. We sat with them for a couple of minutes and my mate chatted to them while I just sat there all embarrassed not saying anything for fear of saying the wrong thing and feeling like a fool.(I desperately needed a course for building self confidence).

After a short while the girls got up to leave and one of them gave my mate her number, the other one said “when you come to meet us bring your quiet mate with you he’s cute” they then giggled and walked out. While I felt even more embarrassed and went even redder (if that was possible) My mate was as calm as anything and went back to the counter to order some food, but I on the other hand was completely the opposite, my heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to explode and I couldn’t believe what had just happened. In fact what had just happened was that my mate and I had just seen the same incident but perceived it completely differently. You see when the girls came into the restaurant I saw them giggling and making fun of us, where as my mate saw them as just being flirtatious.

As trivial as that one incident might seem now it had a profound effect on the rest of my life in as much as it made me realise that the way we react to certain situations is governed by the way we think about those situations. After that incident I spent the next few months ‘Observing’ other people in various locations. I discretely watched how different people interacted with each other and it confirmed what I had earlier realised at that restaurant.

That everyone sees situations differently to other people and it is your mind that controls you. Once I realised that fact it changed my life for the better and it can change your life just as dramatically. Before I finish I would just like to share something with you which I think you will find helpful.

The next time you are out walking (it doesn’t matter where) down the street or in the park etc. Just take notice of how you are feeling and then notice how you are walking. I guarantee that if you are feeling Depressed, Worried or Anxious you will be walking with your shoulders drooped, hunched back and head forward looking at the floor trying to avoid Eye Contact with anyone. On the other hand if you are feeling confident and full of the joys of spring You will be walking with a spring in your step, shoulders back and head held high.

This also works in Reverse, the next time you are out walking and you feel down and lacking in self confidence or anxious make a conscious effort to walk with your head held high and shoulders back.

You have my personal guarantee that you will feel more confident and less anxious. P.S. If you also put a smile on your face it will have double the effect.

Thanks for reading this report I hope you found it useful.

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