The Building Blocks of Self Confidence

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In order to do well in life all of us need self-confidence. This is what gives of the courage to take on difficult situations, but those that lack self-confidence will often crumble in the midst of challenges. Of course, the question is, how do you get this self-confidence? You can achieve self-confidence by defining your priorities and tasks correctly. The next step is asking yourself how you will achieve the tasks at hand. One strategy that works is breaking down your goals into smaller takes, which makes them seem less overwhelming. Every time you achieve a milestone in your goal, take the time to pat yourself on the back. This will increase your confidence level and it makes it easier to continue achieving your goals.

Also, you need to look at what image you hold for yourself. If you do not have a good self-image and continually putting yourself down, your chances of succeeding lessen significantly. What you believe to be true about yourself can often leave you hurt if you tend to blame yourself for the various setbacks you experience in life such as a failing business, failed marriage, or losing your job. Therefore, do not beat yourself, avoid this at all costs because it will feed negative thoughts, which can quickly get out of hand. Write off all your failures and begin to plan for some new challenges. This is a very positive way to adopt a new approach, and it can build up your low self-confidence.

People that are closest to you have a role in your self-confidence. If you are around negative or critical people, it will rub off on you and affect your self-confidence. Your number one goal should be to find friends that have a positive outlook on life and distance yourself from the negative people. Just being around self-confidence people is a confidence booster for you.

How you react to events in your life also matters. You need to think of yourself as a unique individual that has his or her own gifts and place in this world. This leads to developing positive attitudes, values, and beliefs, which are qualities you need to succeed against any odds. There is, however, a danger of seeing the world this way. You could become too confident and then you are not listening to what anyone is saying. Keep this from happening. You need to listen to the criticism and be able to filter the points that will help you become a better person, and toss out the rest. By being able to take the good from criticism will ultimately make you a better person.

Always keep a close eye on your internal dialogue. You need to make sure you are keeping thoughts that you can take on any assignment. By keeping an eye on your internal dialogue, it drives away the negative beliefs and attitudes and adds more to your confidence level.

You need to constantly monitor the image you have of yourself. You cannot simply let it take care on its own because your self-confidence, success, and happiness all depend on your self-image. In addition, do not sell yourself short by underestimating your abilities and stop feelings of inferiority before they are allowed to creep in. Set your sights high and realize that you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. Write down on a piece of paper where you want to be in five years from now.

In addition, start a list of your strongest points, those things that you do well and the compliments you receive often. Also write down a few things that you think needs improving in yourself. Keep your mind set that you are a self-confident person and act as if you are, even if you are not “feeling” it. Push negative thoughts and beliefs from your mind and keep a distance from negative or destructive individuals. Taking the responsibility for your life and practicing these methods on a regular basis, will help improve your self-confidence and it will remain high.

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