Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, the Weather and Your Life

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In general humans are creatures of habit. We settle into ways of doing things. We like predictability about the clothes we wear, the type of people we like to mix with and we certainly have fixed ideas about the type of people we don’t want to mix with.

We tend to go to the same places socially, see the same type of movies that we always see, vote for the same political party that we’ve always voted for.

Partly this is because we are in our comfort zone. We know what we like and we like what we know. Disturbing this equilibrium upsets us because it means that we have to shake ourself out of our cosy existence. Cosy is the theme of this article. Cosiness and weather. These may seem strange bedfellows for a coaching article but bear with me. Those of you who have read my earlier pieces may see where we are going with this because, to some extent, even these articles have a predictability.

Here in the UK the weather has been unusually warm for the time of year. I am old enough to remember when we had a well defined Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall and Winter. You knew where you where. Almost to the week you could predict what clothing would be necessary to step out of your front door. This year in particular the seasons have stood on their head. We have had birds laying eggs in `Winter` and Spring plants flowering in Autumn because even Mother Nature has habits until she hiccups and catches herself out like she has this year.

The odd thing is that the unpredictability of the weather has been strangely exhilarating and invigorating. I say strange because If I lived in Australia or somewhere else on the other side of the globe what is `predictable` and `comfortable` for me as a British citizen would feel just the opposite to someone in these other locations. My predictability would be their uncertainty.

NOW, transfer this love of certainty and predictability onto the way that we live our lives and the same feelings are engendered. We all LIKE and WANT to be comfortable. We don’t want any hassle. We just want to coast along, doing nicely thank you very much. Don’t we, don’t YOU?

Why not take a little time to wonder what your life could be like if you were to change even one small habit, to do something a little differently. Once you’ve gathered the courage and the self-confidence to change something, and I agree that it DOES take courage and a degree of self-confidence to change a long held habit, you never know, you MIGHT get to like the adrenalin rush of doing, and BEING different.

By making simple but increasingly bigger changes in how and why you do things you will find that your self-esteem will grow because you will be proud of your progress. You will also find that your self-confidence will increase because you will realise that you CAN DO more, that you CAN BE more than you are at this moment. Yes, I agree that your life might become a little less predictable. Yes I agree that it might be a little confusing but I promise you this; your life will be infinitely more interesting and fulfilling.

Go on, give it a try. After all, as the advert says “you’re worth it”. Aren’t YOU?

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