Self Confidence: How To Build Your Confidence In Three Simple Steps

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To Feel Confident – A C T

A new, more exciting and happier life is yours when you know how to

build your confidence. You can do it with these three simple steps.

You grow in confidence by accepting challenges and overcoming

obstacles. The three elements involved in becoming more confident are

represented by the word ACT.

A stands for ACTION

You have to do something to overcome obstacles in order to grow in

confidence. In other words, do not say, “When I get confidence, then I

will sing.” First you start singing. Then, as you sing, you will grow in

confidence. The secret is that first you must take action without having

confidence in order to build confidence. The next two steps are what

make your action effective.

C stands for COURAGE

It takes a lot of courage to act when confronted with difficult obstacles

and challenges. Without courage most people simply stay in their

comfort zones.

How to get courage

You get courage in many ways. The best way is an inner belief that you

can do it no matter how discouraging things get. Most people don’t have

this strong inner belief, and, therefore, need encouragement. As you can

see, the actual word -courage- is inside the word encouragement.

You can get encouragement is from other people. Cheerleaders in your

life can give you the energy and motivation you need to keep on going.

Be your own cheerleader. Imagine a time when you were confident and

use that experience to give you courage in your new adventure.

Powerful encouragement can also come from reading inspirational

books and poems, and from listening to audio CD’s and watching


T stands for Target

You must have a goal in mind that you want to accomplish. You need

something to aim at. At the same time you need to be open to

unexpected results. You may get a pleasant surprise, a result that is

different from, and even better than you expected.

By – taking action – with courage – aimed at a clear target-, you will be

accomplishing your goal and at the same time building your confidence.

This confidence will carry over to help you conquer bigger and more

difficult challenges in other areas of your life.

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