Self-Confidence – A Timeless Way To Increase Your Self Esteem

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Self-confidence is not the property of psychologists, and the subject is as old as we are as people. Even animals display a general sense of self-confidence by natural methods.

So should you.

In this article we will show you the way to become self-confident, in anything you attempt, by using the way of the ancients.


Self-confidence is only a way we perceive our own abilities and talents.

A change of perception can increase or decrease how we view ourselves, without the slightest regard to what are abilities and talents are.

The following story illustrates this principle:

A lion cub was once left alone and grew not among lions but with a flock of sheep who fostered him. He grew as the sheep did, eating grass and living in fear of most predators.

One day a lion came out of the forest and found the flock of sheep, and saw the lion cowering in a corner, shaking for fear.

The forest lion came over to the sheep lion and inquired of him, “what are you doing…cowering and shaking in fear?” The sheep lion replied he was afraid the forest lion would eat him.

The forest lion grabbed the sheep lion by the neck and dragged him to a nearby poor of water.

He forced the sheep lion to gaze into the reflection from the pool. “What do you see?” inquired the forest lion. “I see two lions here” . “Yes”, the forest lion said, “you are a lion like me.”

At once, with the perception that he as a lion, the sheep lion took courage and lost all his fear.

Understanding who and what he was, he became a lion, at once stopped being a sheep.

Discover Your True Nature

The way of teaching by all ancient people was to point out to the students their true nature.

You need not use tricks and develop psychological methods of feeling better about you. You have your own true nature, and this nature, whatever it is , is what you are.

You will have certain talents (all of us do), with natural abilities.

These are easy to recognize, as it is the things you understand and do easily.

All of these talents and abilities are on a sliding scale.

For example, if you count well, you may be especially talented in mathematics.

You might be an accountant or bookkeeper on one side of the scale, and a quantum physicist at the other. That is up to you.

Your self-confidence comes from simply knowing yourself.

Why should you feel bad about yourself if you are not good at sports. You will excel somewhere else. Find out about who and what you are, and then self-confidence comes of itself to you.

The Way of the Ancients

The ancients taught each student or each child from a family, to understand who and what we are.

This leads not only to self-confidence, but happiness.

Aspire to the best of who and what you are, and this leads to greatness.


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