Secrets Of Building Self Confidence – Achieving A Small Enough Goal And See Your Confidence Grow

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Few people truly succeed in life. A vast majority of people are withdrawn and shy – they don’t have many friends, as they are unable to interact meaningfully with people outside of their inner-circle. Boys don’t find dates easily and girls fail to impress, all because of their lack of self-confidence. Can you tolerate a speaker whose utterances do not carry conviction? Timid speakers don’t captivate their audiences. They can’t be persuasive. In short, their speeches don’t have the necessary pep and spirit to be exciting and end up falling flat. Timid people continue through life somehow, but as they don’t stand up to be counted, success is something they only dream about. Why not go for it? A lack of self-confidence is what keeps most from being assertive, successful and ultimately happy in life. However, if you can recognize that you lack the self-confidence you want, you can work on building it up and making your dreams of success a reality.

Defining self-confidence

If you can recognize the qualities of a person brimming with self-confidence, this will help you succeed in building your self-confidence. How do you know that a person is confident? It’s easy, really. If you are balanced and confident, you are assertive, your body language conveys your confidence, you hold your head high, you speak with authority but not with arrogance, your attitude is positive, you go after your goals with determination -well-prepared to overcome any hurdles en route because you don’t flinch at taking calculated risks whenever required, and whenever you make mistakes, you readily and graciously own up to them. Like people with low self-confidence, you don’t look for scapegoats in such circumstances. Like people who are over-confident, you don’t allow yourself to make those mistakes too many times. And unlike people with no confidence at all, you are outgoing and courageous. Your goals are set realistically, keeping in mind a fair assessment of your assets, your weaknesses and your skills and talents. On the other hand, over-confident people, as you may observe, have a tendency to set unreachable goals and prone to be hurt and have their confidence shattered when failure stares them in the face.

Building self-confidence

While attempting to build self-confidence, you may have a couple of questions to ask yourself. Is it possible to build self-confidence? If by nature you are not initially endowed with confidence, you may think you stay that way forever. Not necessarily. You can actually take small but reachable steps in order to build good confidence. However, self-confidence and success are interdependent. Normally, you can’t succeed without confidence playing a role in your efforts and without success you can’t have self-confidence. It’s a Catch – 22.

If that is the case, how do you build self-confidence? Good question. Start by setting yourself a small enough goal that you can achieve it without too much difficulty. Then achieve it and watch your confidence grow. Repeat the steps, every time making the goal a little tougher than before and gradually build your confidence step by step.

Secrets to building self-confidence

The first secret of building self-confidence is to honestly analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The next one is to work hard on minimizing the weaknesses while maximizing your strengths. Then, analyze the task on hand. Arm yourself well with good, solid preparation to make the most of the opportunities available to do the job and to do it as best as you possibly can. Also, shield yourself against any anticipated threats that might stop you or slow you down in your tracks.

Time management is of utmost importance in all your efforts. Training yourself mentally is also equally important. The better your analysis, training and preparation, the better your chances of success and the stronger your self-confidence. Build it to the appropriate levels and achieve success in all aspects of your life.

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