Hypnosis, Self-Confidence, and the Bridge Hypnosis Builds

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I remember as an apprentice aircraft instrument maker, over fifty years ago now, I was approached by the foreman of the shop, we’ll call him Smith. That wasn’t his real name, but he told me he wanted a universal stand built for some aircraft spotting binoculars, whopping great things, 80 x 800 strength.

This was eight o’clock in the morning. He told me it was vital that they were to be absolutely rigid in any position. So, being universal meant the operator had to be able to raise and lower them, rotate them and tilt them. They were very important, time was of the essence and the brass would be coming to collect them at five o’clock that afternoon. Design the stand and make it – and it had better be ready!

I was terrified, but there was only one thing to do. Start! To cut a long story short, I managed to make it by about four o’clock. Smith comes along, sets the binoculars on the stand, and virtually does a handstand on them in three positions.

“It moves. It still moves,” he screeched.

He was a big man, and I told him that even tool steel moves if treated in that way. He was having a nervous breakdown when the powers that be turned up. He showed them what I’d made, did his handstand act and apologized for the fact that the stand moved.

“Smith, you’re an idiot. It’s streets ahead of the one we have at the moment.” He turned to me and slung an arm round my shoulders. “Well done, young man. First rate job,” and off they went, highly delighted.

The whole point of this story is that my self-confidence shot through the roof. This was way before I’d even heard of hypnosis.

Nowadays, though, hypnosis is slowly coming into the mainstream and can be of tremendous help with so many problems, not least self-confidence. There are times when you feel decidedly apprehensive about performing a task, but you know you must.

You summon the courage to undertake it the first time, you’re successful, and from that point onwards, your fear runs away, defeated.

However, I know only too well that on occasion you’re faced with something that really scares the living lights out of you. You decide you simply can’t even begin to start to do whatever it is. Here’s where hypnosis can build a bridge over that gorge of terror and help you achieve your goal.

First, you think; ‘Is it really so terrifying?” Yes, you decide, it is. So focus. Sit in a quiet room and focus in on this awful task you have to perform. Imagine yourself undertaking it, working through it and completing it with signal success. Assuming you don’t have to perform this task immediately, repeat this exercise over and over until the outcome seems a foregone conclusion.

Now you’ve built your bridge. All you have to do is walk across it

Mike Bond, explaining a way to increase your self-confidence. He speaks of self-hypnosis. Remember, you can pick up an excellent FREE course about Self Hypnosis on his Website, The Hypnosis Attraction. All you have to do is click on The Hypnosis Attraction to be taken straight to the page you want


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