How Do I Regain My Self Confidence?

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This is a true story. Not many years ago, a gentleman by the name of Tim Smit decided to build, if not the eighth wonder of the world, at least something that came mighty close. It’s the largest greenhouse in the world, a collection of giant spheres containing all manner of plant life from all over the planet.

He had very little money of his own, so he proceeded to talk a number of people into lending him 130 million pounds. This has become known as the Eden Project, and it’s situated in Cornwall, England. Not only that, but he’s been able to put 800 million pounds back into the Cornish economy. All this from a vision!

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to hear the clamour of his critics, all those who said it could never be done. But his confidence was boundless. He knew in his heart that it was possible and once the bit was between his teeth, there was no stopping him.

Obviously, it needed a lot more than just self confidence to make the dream a reality, but without that self confidence it would never have happened.

How do I regain my self confidence? How did you lose it? A project you worked on and had faith in, didn’t work out and all the doubters came out of the woodwork and jeered you. Instead of picking yourself up and starting again, you just crawled away into the nearest hole and lay in fetal position from that time forward.

There have been so many people with really first class ideas, but as they proceeded with them, perhaps more and more people came out against them and in the end they simply let the idea flag and die. This means that you didn’t have the confidence in the beginning. You had the vision, you had the idea, but your lack of self confidence didn’t drive you to complete the task.

It doesn’t matter what it is you decide to do, if it’s different from what you normally do. If you’re a machinist in a factory and one day have a brilliant idea for making a certain component, a revolutionary type of mechanism perhaps, but it means you must give up your job and follow your dream. Then listen to the tongues click!

Now, you’re a skilled machinist and you’ve probably had a really good idea. But really good ideas are no good unless action is take. If you lack self confidence, the chances are you’ll be talked out of carrying on with your idea because other people don’t think it’ll work. Their reasons can be many, not least of them that they themselves don’t have the courage to try.

Look on self confidence as an engine. The engine that drives you forward in the face of all the nay-sayers and pessimists. So you have the idea. This turns into a vision. You work out the details and still you can find no basic fault in your plan.

Now’s the time for the engine of your self confidence to drive you forward

It’s true that without self confidence you can achieve very little of importance. Think of all the men and women who’ve gone to their graves unfulfilled, simply because they couldn’t summon up that little ounce of courage. It doesn’t take courage to visit Mike Bond’s website, The Hypnosis Attraction. Have a good read through it and I’m sure you’ll find things there that’ll be of enormous use to you


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