Building Self Esteem For Entrepreneur Success – Self Confidence to Succeed in Home Business

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Building your self esteem, learning to become more self confident is a critical part of being a home business owner. Anyone can start a home business. It doesn’t take self esteem to actually START a home business. Often the Dream itself ~ the Desire to run your own business or Need to bring in money ~ is enough to sign up for a business opportunity. But it does take healthy self esteem and confidence in yourself to actually build a business that makes money!

Think about it!

Self esteem and confidence play a key role in all your business interactions whether sharing your product or services online or locally where you live.

The newsletters that you open in your mailbox, the ads that you respond to on your networks and websites that you go to most frequently ALL have something in common. They offer what you are looking for online AND exude self confidence. A business owner that conveys low self esteem, show a lack of confidence in their product or services will flounder, if not fail quickly.

Many “would be” entrepreneurs choose online business over the warm contact in their hometown market because the emotional safety of online marketing. Posting ads and being friendly on a variety of groups and forums does not carry the same emotional risk of stepping out the door to talk to strangers about your business. That doesn’t mean marketing online has a greater or lesser value because any marketing method, that brings your business branding, sales and a faithful, growing customer base, will bring you success. If your lack of confidence or low self-esteem is holding you back from success then make a commitment to yourself and your business. Learn to believe in yourself!


Building self-esteem at any stage in life is based on successes. Success does not come in just financial terms but more in the reaching of goals. With each goal set and reached, you will feel more competent and confident with the next set of goals put before you. Over time, a series of successes and accomplishments in areas of your life that matter to YOU will build your self confidence.

Building self esteem comes from within. As you stretch outside your comfort zone and start actively “selling” your business with confidence with positive results ~ your self-confidence will grow. With each positive experience of talking about your product or services, you will begin to convey that strong, confident business owner image of your dreams.

It sounds easy enough but in truth, life’s obstacles can often wear down your self image. Self-esteem and self-confidence are deeply connected to resilience. If life has handed you some major hard knocks that led you start your own business, building your self-esteem may sound the least of your worries. Your home business success DEPENDS on you being able to muster up the courage to take risks. Taking risks and failing isn’t anyone’s goal but believe it or not, there is a reward for failure ~ resilience!

Resilience is your ability to bounce back when bad things happen. Through out life, you will encounter trials and tribulations that test your ability to cope. When you are able to rise about your circumstances, you are learning how to be more resilient.

Resilience comes with taking control of your situation and making the changes that you can. Look for opportunities to take back control of areas of your life that have fallen into chaos. Again, with each positive step and each success (both big and small) you will learn that failure is an opportunity to grow. You will learn that you DO have the ability to regain and rebuild over and over again until you get it right!

All of these areas, self-esteem ~ confidence ~ resilience, will become part of your business. Marketing yourself will be easier. Your strong sense of self and pride in your products will shine because YOU shine!

The successful entrepreneur mindset is one of confidence and courage. Risk taking, whether it’s emotional or financial, will be less fearsome when you know you can handle what life hands you!

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