7 Tips For Developing Self-Confidence

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Whether it’s for business or for your social life, self-confidence is a skill which can be developed. Just the fact that you’re reading this shows that it can be done…otherwise, why would you read an article on a subject which is impossible?! You see what I mean?

Having coming from a very dysfunctional family who continually belittled me at every turn, it has taken a lot for me to come to a point in my life where I can safely say that I am very self-confident. If I can do it, so can you!

There are many tips which I could share with you on developing self-confidence; but, let’s go over a few very simple ones that you can implement starting right now:

1) Think back to a time when you overcame an adversity. I don’t care how far you have to go back and I don’t care how “small” the adversity was. The point is: you did it then and you can do it again. The same skill set is required for any challenge, big or small. It’s simply a matter of transferring those skills from one situation to another.

2) Think about others who had bigger challenges than the ones you face and managed to overcome them. Maybe these individuals had greater handicaps than you do. Think about it: if they did it, you can do it. Learn from their example.

3) Talk to someone who knows you well and who you trust to give you honest, objective feedback. Ask them what skills you have which could improve your situation. Then, listen without challenging them. You might be surprised at what they suggest!

4) It might sound corny…but, put a smile on your face, take a deep breath and take on your challenging situation. Sometimes, just the act of getting started is enough to give you the courage to get through the situation.

5) Visualize yourself succeeding at what you want to do. Imagine every detail about your imagined success. Actually FEEL what it will be like as you’re succeeding and once you’ve succeeded. Your subconscious can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality; so, when you approach your challenge in real life, your subconscious will perceive this as “familiar” which will make it easier for you.

6) Think of someone of your gender who you admire. Now, pretend you’re that person in this challenging situation. What would they do? How would they respond? Now, BE that person. Obviously, you’re not going to impersonate that person 100%; but, adopt enough of their characteristics to carry you through this challenge.

7) Keep reminding yourself that you can do this. Self-talk is the best way to encourage you through the situation. Even if you’re not as successful as you’d hope to be, make sure your self-talk about the situation is positive so that when you approach a similar situation, you’ll have learnt enough to have greater success the next time around. You can learn from every situation.

Now that I’ve given you some starter tips, don’t waste any time implementing them! One of my most preferred quotes is: “You don’t have to get it right…you just have to get it going!”

Jennifer Bloom



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