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I am a retired psychiatrist, science and math teacher, lecturer and research engineer. This blog comes from a my heartfelt desire to bring people out of the medical model when the face roadblock in life. I do not automatically equate pain with disease and advocate responding to pain and failure as a normal life events, necessary processes and regard their presence in life as an indicator of opportunity. I am 73 years young.

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How to Recover After Losing a Lover

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Relationship Advice – How To Cheer Up After A Breakup

By Beverleigh H Piepers

You’ve just ended your relationship with your loved one and it seems as if it might just be the end of the world. You feel more alone now than at any other point in your life. It seems as if the pain may never go away; you feel like it will last forever. How in the world can you ever be expected to move on with your life?

You have to find ways to cheer yourself up.

First, and foremost is that you do not need to be alone. This will only result in the world’s worst pity party with an attendance of only one. You just can’t be expected to begin healing and recovering when you are lying in a pool of despair and pain.

You have to get up and get back out into the world again. You need to start your life over as soon as possible and, above all, you need to do so around friends. Not just mild acquaintances, but friends who really care about you and who also want what is best for you. Their support right now will be invaluable.

Find something you enjoy, especially if you have put whatever it is on hold in the past… and do it! It could be something from your past or maybe it could be a new following, such as rock climbing, scuba diving, racquetball, etc. Anything that is more than a passing interest to you. Now is the time to take the time to pursue it.

Since you can’t expect to spend every waking moment with others, you also need to make sure the time you have alone is quality time. Have some good books lined up that you have been putting off reading. Pick out some movies you have been looking forward to seeing… but never took the time. Go shopping at your favorite store. Plan a mini vacation. Splurge on a facial, massage or some other form of pampering you have always wanted to indulge in. Just do something you enjoy and so ensure your alone time is well spent.

One thing you really don’t want to do is talk about the demise of the relationship to your friends or family. It should all be put behind you and this is next to impossible if you continue to dwell on it. The sooner you really let go of the situation, the sooner you will be able to get your life back on track.

This is the time to learn about yourself. Are destructive emotions at the heart of any problems you are experiencing? If so, maybe you need to get control of what you are really telling yourself. What are your beliefs?

For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found the principles to help you get to the root causes of your crisis.

The solution is not in the endless volumes of information you find across the internet, or the advice your friends give… it’s in yourself; the thoughts that make you who you are.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Beverleigh_H_Piepers


Dear Ex-lover. This poem sings Jasmin’s mindset. I hope it resonates with you.

By Jasmine Nicole Mans
Dear Ex Lover
I promise I’ll stop chasing your memory in my dreams.
I’ll stop bringing your name up over cups of coffee, muffins, and loneliness.
I will marry a man and I will lay my heart on his chest like red roses on Mahogany caskets and I’ll have his daughter and she’ll have eyes reminding me that God still believes in second chances and if she ever decided to love a woman, I will love bravery down her spine.
I will be reminded of all the times that we loved, like there were expiration dates tattooed on our inner thighs.
If she ever comes home with eyelids like cracking Levis and bruised kneecaps and a heart filled with question marks I will hold her like my mother never held me.
I will clasp her face in my palms like the new testament on judgement day. I’ll tell her that love is the passion that allows you to do the right thing, and that no woman can play coaster to a half empty heart.
And if she ever feels as if she is alone, as if she is a hand-me-down pulled out of the depths of mummy’s closet, I’ll remember your name and I’ll mumble it under my breath and if she asks me what I said; I’ll tell her I know what it’s like to drag a woman out of a cold war and then being too worn to clean up the battlefield that it has made of you.
I’ll tell her that your heartbeat sounded like gun shells tripping over battered cement.
I’ll tell her that I know what it’s like just to want someone to remember you and that some women are as foul as expired men in produce isles and that apologies are like oxygen masks on a hijacked plane.

Forgive yourself before you EVER forgive the person sitting next to you.I’ll tell her to never regret loving in permanent ink, and that scars only give you stretch marks, something to gossip about and that hearts and stop signs are fraternal twins, lost in open roads and hollow chests.

And if my daughter’s mirror ever looks unfamiliar and she’s too embarrassed and proud to run into mummy’s arms,  I’ll pray, that she has friends with hearts filled with thousands of fire flies, who are not too cold to pray with her; who will tell her to stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and find God in the darkness.
If my daughter ever walks in my house like shattering glass, I’ll tell her about you.
I’ll tell her that we hurt like c-sections birthing dead babies,and that we cried together, and we prayed together, and we smiled together like our smiles were the only ones that mattered in this world. And that we hurt like women who loved women, who loved people that did no love us.
Dear Ex Lover,
I hope my daughter never knows what a goodbye kiss feels like..
I hope she never knows what “I’ll see you later.” really means.
I hope she never memories the dial-tone of a last conversation,
because a broken heart feels like poisoned butterflies taking their last flutters in the pit of your stomach
Dear Ex Lover,
I hope my daughter never bears her soul at a poetry showcase
with her first love sitting in the audience, knowing that the hands
she’ll use to applaud her with, will be the same hands
that will never hold her again..

Saving a Whale From Drowning.


Facts You Should Know about Teen Anorexia by D Holt

Teen anorexia is a really severe problem that parents need to address since it can turn into a serious well being issue. Anorexia is a problem that parents should not take too lightly or completely ignore. You will find studies and research have revealed that several teens with anorexia totally hide the reality that they’ve the dysfunction. This may go on for several months prior to it turns into obvious to the parents that there’s an issue. As a parent you should have a great grasp of the severity that teen anorexia can bring to your teen’s health and mental well becoming.

There are certain signs that you simply should watch out for in order for you to know whether your teenager is indeed struggling from anorexia. Probably one of many initial indications that your teenager might be suffering from anorexia is an overt concern for their body weight. This can definitely be an early warning signal, especially if your teen is dropping fat although initially having a healthy physique weight. This could well mean that your teen has a distorted view of what a physique weight and shape should be.

Obsessive calorie counting and overt concern about meals portions in grams of fact contained in numerous foods could also be a signal of anorexia inside your youngster. Most regular teenagers are not whatsoever concerned with calories or fat grams especially if they are of regular fat. Normally they would not even bother with this type of information, which might point out an issue exists. if you’re noticing these kinds of indicators it might be time to begin a discussion together with your teen about their eating habits to see if there’s an problem with anorexia or if this behavior they’re exhibiting is just a curiosity from maybe discussions in school.

Perhaps the greatest signal that your teenager has the consuming disorder is that they take medicines or tablets that keep them from gaining weight. These medicines and pills are highly discouraged among teenagers. If you discover areas in these kinds of medicines it would be smart to discuss it with them and then it required to seek out medical help.

The above mentioned signs are just some of the few things that you ought to watch out for in cases of teen anorexia. Some other indications that you may wish to appear for inside your teenagers habits are meal skipping, a substantial decrease in appetite, and constant excuses for not becoming hungry. As a parent nevertheless, you should be smart and fair in judging their reasons. Most parents can normally tell whether or not their child is being sincere or not. But it is still wise to appear into sudden changes in behavior towards food if you are suspicious of something.

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An Opinion About Online Therapy

You Can Work with a Great Therapist from Home.

There is No Need to live near a great therapist .


Any person considering seeking online counseling would be well advised to do a little research to understand exactly what online counseling, or etherapy, really is and what it is not. E-therapy is a viable alternative to the traditional forms of counseling and psychotherapy. It utilizes the power of internet and computer technology to conduct both real time and asynchronous therapeutic services. This includes the use of webcams, chat-room or instant messenger based formats, the exchange of emails, and telephone therapy. Online counseling is not the same thing as therapy because using the internet cannot completely recreate two human beings being physically in each others presence with a therapist being able to pay great attention to body language, eye contact, and auditory cues from the client. Therefore, E-therapy is completely distinguished and separate from traditional therapy.

However, e-therapy does offer potential benefits in a variety ways for people who; may not have access to a therapist, cannot afford a therapist, are apprehensive in being in the room with a stranger discussing deeply personal matters, or do not have the time to travel to and from an office to see a therapist. In these cases, online counseling has many advantages over traditional psychotherapy. For the person who may not be able to afford a therapist’s services, an e-therapist can offer a fee scale far more competitive as he or she does not incur the level of overhead cost the traditional therapist has. Their office can be in their home instead of commercial real estate. Although insurance companies will not pay for online counseling most e-therapists have fees that are even less than some of these co-pays.

Since travel is completely eliminated from the equation loss of time is mitigated in etherapy. Sessions can be conducted from anywhere with an internet connection so even etherapy in different time zones is not an issue. E-therapy is simply not bound by geographical constraints or borders so potential clients now have access to therapists from around the world. Furthermore, some people may wish to remain completely anonymous when discussing personal matters with someone. E-therapy can offer an anonymous platform. Should the person want he or she could simply exchange emails and never have to see the therapist. However, for those who desire a more equivalent experience to traditional therapy, video-conferencing is available. A client and therapist can see each other in real time in very high quality video resolution from anywhere around the world at anytime.

Most importantly though, is e-therapy effective? Is it as good as traditional therapy? Although online counseling is still a relatively new model of mental health and requires more research, the evidence that does exist is promising. Since most e-therapists utilize theoretical approaches similar to traditional therapies, early studies are finding efficacy to be at about the same level as traditional therapy, with the major contributing factors being the same;skill of the therapist and client’s level of motivation for change. Any potential client should make sure that the etherapist they are going to work with is someone who has education and training in the traditional forms of therapy. There are also some new online credentialing bodies that certify online counselors. A little time, effort, and discernment is all that is required before starting etherapy.

For more information about etherapy and online counseling please visit http://rmetherapy.com today or contact the author, Robert Morse, M.A. At 800-313-1169 or email contact@rmetherapy.com.

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