Saying “I’m sorry” even when you are afraid to.

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Saying “I’m sorry” is one of the hardest things to do in this world.

Sometimes, even the two words, “I’m sorry,” are not enough to express what we truly feel. Learning how to say I’m sorry is definitely a creative process. From expensive gifts to hand-written letters, the possibilities are endless.

After all, different personalities call for different kinds of apologies. Here are a few ideas to say I’m sorry in unconventional ways.

How To Say I’m Sorry With Cats and Dogs

Even though you guys fought like cats and dogs, an apology is still in order. So why not ask a little help from your friendly neighborhood cat or dog and ask it to help you express your apology?

You can tie a small note around the collar of your pet and have it deliver your apology. While the person you’re saying sorry to might not want to see you right now, who can resist yarn-loving paws or puppy dog eyes?

How To Say I’m Sorry With The Pen

If that person thinks you’re not being a great friend or companion, at least be a great pen pal. You can list down all the things you’re sorry and grateful for, and send at least one sentence to that person a day.

You can leave it on the doorstep or a place where you’re sure he or she can see the letter. Do this until you’re forgiven.

How To Say I’m Sorry With A Photo Collage

Your fight isn’t worth all the wonderful memories you two have together. By making a photo collage out of your pictures together, or of the places you’ve been to and had a great time at, you could make him or her realize how valuable your past experiences and relationship are.

How To Say I’m Sorry With Flowers

Flowers say it all. You don’t have to add a note except maybe a small “I’m sorry” card tucked in with the fragrant lilies or roses. And even then, the flowers will do all the work for you.

Here are some suggestions of flowers to use when you want to apologize:

Freesia symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness. By giving this to the person you’re at odds with, you’re giving them the signal that you’re willing to make up for what you did. Freesias come in all sorts of shapes and colors. A bouquet of different-colored Freesias would definitely melt hearts. If you really want to appear sincere, you should buy the white ones.

A Forget-Me-Not has several symbolisms. It could mean true love, hope, remembrance or memories. While there are several species of this flower, the most popular ones are of the shade of blue.

An interesting twist on how to say I’m sorry with these flowers is by tying them together with a simple string with a note attached to it. Forget-Me-Nots look like they belong to the countryside, and simplicity works best for them. Your note could even contain the specific symbolism you’re aiming for.

Flowers can convey a lot more than ordinary words. If you have the time, then you can even come up with more interesting ways to present these flowers to the person you’re apologizing to.

Learning how to say I’m sorry is a very creative process. These 4 examples above are proof of that. However, you have to remember that your sincerity is much more vital than the grandeur of your apology.

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